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Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #249)- 'Character Study' - Ralph Carney Remembered- January 5, 2018 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
January 04, 2018 11:49 AM PST
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Ralph Carney, Akron native son, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and one of music's top 'go to' session men, passed away on December 17, 2017 after an accident in his home.

Today on the latest edition TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (Episode #249), Ralph will be remembered during special feature within the program called a 'Character Study.' A 'Character Study' is a look at the life and music of an individual or group that's had a significant impact on contemporary music. Past studies that I've presented include Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, and the German band Can.

Join me as I take a look at Ralph's life and musical career, beginning with his early day's as a member of the band Tin Huey, his work as a session musician involved in various projects including those by Hal Willner, The Black Keys, The B-52's ,and numerous others, and as an important member of Tom Waits' band for more than a decade. I'll also spend time during a good portion of the program covering Ralph's sizable output as an individual artist.

The first set prior to the special feature on Ralph Carney will cover my remaining picks of the 'Best of 2017' feature which were not included in my program last week due to time constraints.

Today's Playlist:

BEST OF 2017 (Conclusion)
SET #1
TINARIWEN 'Arhegh Ad Annagh' - Elwan
RICHARD THOMPSON 'Bathsheba Smiles' - Acoustic Classics II
KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH 'To Follow & Lead' - The Kid
THE RESIDENTS 'Train Vs. Elephant' - The Ghost of Hope
JOHN ZORN 'Raguel' - Cerebus: The Book of Angels Vol. 17
JEFF TWEEDY 'In A Future Age' - Together At Last
TAJ MAHAL 'High Water Everywhere' - American Epic: The Sessions

RALPH CARNEY REMEMBERED – A Special 'Character Study' Feature
SET #2
TIN HUEY 'Robert Takes the Road to Leibernawash/Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road' - (Breakfast With The Hueys - single)- Disinformation (CD)
TIN HUEY 'Squirm You Worm' - Contents Dislodged During Shipment
RALPH CARNEY & DON DAVIS (WITH DAEVID ALLEN'S NY GONG) 'Improvisation/Ornette Riffs' - Kent State Creative Arts Festival April 28, 1979 (Radio Broadcast)
RALPH CARNEY & NAPPY LEMANS 'Hose Anna' - Bowling Balls from Hell
RALPH CARNEY 'Closet Bears' - Punk 45: Burn Rubber City Burn
RALPH CARNEY & DAVID THOMAS 'Sunset in the Antipodes' - Datapanik in the Year Zero
SET #4
THE WAITRESSES 'I Know What Boys Like' - Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful
THE B-52'S 'Big Bird' - Whammy
SET #5
TOM WAITS '9th and Hennepin' - Rain Dogs
NATALIE MERCHANT, RALPH CARNEY, MICHAEL STIPE, THE ROCHES 'Little April Shower - (from Bambi)' - Stay Awake: Various Intpretation of Music From Vintage Disney Films
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS (feat. RALPH CARNEY) 'The Last Words of Dutch Schultz (This Is Insane)' - Spare Ass Annie And Other Stories
TOM WAITS 'Dirt in the Ground' - Bone Machine
SET #6
CARNEY/HILD/KRAMER 'End' - Happiness Finally Came to Them
KAMIKAZE GROUND CREW 'Some Wild Water' - Madame Marie's Temple of Knowledge
ORANJ SYMPHONETTE 'Moon River' Plays Mancini
RALPH CARNEY 'Robert Wyatt' - Ralphsounds
RALPH CARNEY 'I Like You' - I Like You (A Lot)
TIN HUEY 'Lovely Little Thing' Disinformation
SET #7
RALPH CARNEY 'Turkey Neck' - This Is! Ralph Carney
JIM WHITE 'Jesus Drove A Motor Home' - Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See
CARNEYBALL JOHNSON '(Off) White Room' - Carneyball Johnson
THE BLACK KEYS 'Same Old Thing' - Attack & Release
SET #8
RALPH CARNEY'S SERIOUS JASS PROJECT 'Boogie's The Thing' - Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project
RALPH & RALPH 'Ralph & Ralph's Song' - Opposites
BLACK FRANCAIS - 'The Obedient Servant' - The Golem
DANIEL KNOX 'To Make You Stay' - Blue Car (EP)
ST. VINCENT 'Digital Witness' - St. Vincent
SET #9
PATRICK CARNEY (featuring RALPH CARNEY) 'Bojack's Theme' - Single
RALPH CARNEY 'Lament for Charleston' - Ralph's Bandcamp Page
THE ALL ONES + RALPH CARNEY 'Welcome to Bollywood (All You Midwest Sons & Daughters)' - All At Once
SET #10
RALPH CARNEY 'Manafort, Gates, & Papadopoulos' - Ralph's Bandcamp Page
RALPH CARNEY 'We Shall Overcome' - Ralph's Bandcamp Page
RALPH CARNEY 'AciD LiNe' - Ralph's Bandcamp Page
RALPH CARNEY 'In The Pines' - Ralph's Bandcamp Page
RALPH CARNEY 'Loon' - Ralphsounds
RALPH CARNEY 'My Favorite Thingzzz' - Ralph's Bandcamp Page

Track beds under Voice Overs:
Set #2 = RALPH CARNEY 'Christopher Columbus' - I Like You (A lot)
Set #3 = RALPH CARNEY 'Alto Solo #1' - Ralphsounds

Ralph's Website: http://www.akroncracker.com/
Ralph's Bandcamp Page: https://ralphcarney.bandcamp.com/

Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #248) - Best of 2017 - December 29, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
December 28, 2017 07:17 AM PST
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Despite the utter chaos of 2017 politically and socially, musically it was a year of stellar releases. Join me on the latest edition of TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#248) for the 'Best of 2017' and hear my favorite picks from the very best of 2017 (and a few late 2016 recordings).

From Akron's HARVEY GOLD and the band HALF CLEVELAND (separate and together) to JUANA MOLINA'S 'Halo,' WIRE'S 'Silver/Lead',' RHIANNON GIDDEN'S 'Freedom Highway,' MOGWAI, FAUST, PERE UBU, SPARKS, PETER HAMMILL, and THE BEATLES '50th Anniversary Sgt. Pepper's – Box Set, I've got three full hours of amazing material that I'll play for you.

There's 'live' material from BRAND X, VIOLENT FEMMES, and street musicians of NEPAL and jazz from DARCY JAMES ARGUE'S SECRET SOCIETY, JOANIE PALLATTO & SPARROW, and STEVE LEHMAN'S epic 'Selebeyone.' Rock your heart away with THE FEELIES, ROBERT PLANT, DEERHOOF, and MONKS OF DOOM or 'folk-us' on BRUCE COCKBURN, YUSEF (CAT STEVENS), JESCA HOOP, and DAVID CROSBY. There's electronic from BRIAN ENO, RAY SAMMARTANO, and TANGERINE DREAM and even 'dub' from LES AMAZONES D'AFRIQUE. It's a fine way to review the year in a positive musical light. Tune in and I'll see you there!

PS: Next week during my January 5, 2018 program I’ll devote two hours to the life and music of the late RALPH CARNEY, and look at his amazing career.

For more podcasts of other DJ’s from The San Francisco Community Podcast Network please check out: http://savekusf.podomatic.com/

Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #247)- 6th Annual Xmas Special - December 22, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
December 21, 2017 07:06 AM PST
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What do GEORGE HARRISON, TUXEDOMOON, KEB MO, THE FLAMING LIPS, JAMES PANTS, THE WAITRESSES, and THE RESIDENTS have in common on this week it's TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#247)? They all provide original compositions for my '6th Annual Christmas Special.'

It's an always entertaining yuletide program which mixes the obscure with more well known standards done in every style from 'ultra-lounge' (VIC DAMONE'S 'Winter Wonderland' – Remixed) to surf (THE VENTURES 'Frosty the Snowman'). I've added several versions of 'Jingle Bells' during the fourth set all which stand alone from acapella (THE ROCHES), to psychedelic (THE ELECTRIC PRUNES) to techno (DUKE ELLINGTON remixed) and Yiddish (THE KLEZMONAUTS).

Add to those songs, PATTI SMITH'S astounding rendition of 'We Three Kings,' ALBERT HAGUE'S baritone resonating 'Your a Mean One Mr. Grinch,' traditional English/Irish folk stylings of MADDY PRIOR and HORSLIPS, and seasonal songs from THE STRAWBS, PIXIES (channeling NEIL YOUNG), and synthesizer virtuoso's WENDY CARLOS and JOSEPH BYRD. Finally, as usual, I've added another BEATLES CHRISTMAS FAN CLUB MESSAGE. This time it's from 1967.

Celebrate the joy of this weeks special with egg nog and Christmas cookies if you like but don't miss it!


Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #246) - December 15, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
December 14, 2017 06:32 AM PST
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Every week I try to reinvent myself by pushing musical boundaries and making each broadcast unique under the moniker of 'freeform' radio. On this week's TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#246) there's plenty of eclectic selections beginning with the NEW offering from the MONKS OF DOOM, followed by 'Homunculus” by PASSPORT, then MODEST MOUSE, another cut from PRIMUS' latest, a 'vault' find by the band CATHARSIS, then a song by the ensemble ALARM WILL SOUND, followed by BRIAN ENO'S 'Put A Straw Under Baby' and DUKE ELLINGTON'S classic piece 'Moon Maiden.'

Later there's more NEW material from SPARKS, TANGERINE DREAM, TINARIWEN, PETER HAMMILL, and JOHN SCOFIELD. I've added 'vault' picks from the INSECT TRUST, JERONIMO, NILSSON, and HAWKWIND with international selections by RIMITTI, ALI AKBAR KHAN, and FOLK SONGS & SACRED MUSIC OF NEPAL, jazz from MILES DAVIS and RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK, contemporary classical from HARRY PARTCH, and the psychedelic meanderings of THE ROLLING STONES from 'Their Satanic Majesties Request.' Need I say more? Tune in and enjoy what 'freeform' is all about.

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Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #245) - December 8, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
December 07, 2017 05:37 AM PST
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Grab your coffee and settle in for the latest edition of TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#245). There's several 'morning' songs from THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, THE BEATLES, and DAEVID ALLEN in today's very first set followed by a NEW piece of music from SPARKS, then a melody from a film score by ALEXANDRE DESPLAT and a GODLEY & CREME song.

Among the NEW arrivals this week are the latest from the MONKS OF DOOM and FOLKS SONGS & SACRED MUSIC OF NEPAL, plus more cuts from TANGERINE DREAM, RICHARD THOMPSON, PETER HAMMILL, DEERHOOF, and PERE UBU.

Out of the 'vault' you'll hear LINCOLN CHASE, FIFTY FOOT HOSE, LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE, and GENTLE GIANT. They'll be joined by selections from LAURIE ANDERSON, WUSSY, composer THOMAS NEWMAN 'S 'WALL-E' soundtrack, legendary street musician MOONDOG, JAMES BLOOD ULMER, CAN, DEVO, and MICHAEL URBANIAK.

Variety has no limits so don't miss a minute!

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Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #242) - November 17, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
November 15, 2017 05:11 PM PST
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There's NEW music from PETER HAMMILL, PERE UBU, DEERHOOF, PRIMUS, and ROBERT PLANT to start off the first minutes of this weeks TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#242).

During set number two you'll hear FRANK ZAPPA play 'Rudy Wants to Buy Yez A Drink,' PAUL LEARY, MITCH MILLER & THE GANG'S 'Beautiful Ohio,' IRMIN SCHMIDT & KUMO, MODEST MOUSE, DAVID CROSBY'S latest, and 'Ozark' by PAT METHENY & LYLE MAYS.

Add to the festivities TIN HUEY, WILCO, SONGS OHIA, HERBIE HANCOCK, KHAC CHI ENSEMBLE, TREY GUNN, BOB DYLAN & THE BAND (from 'The Complete Basement Tapes') and more NEW material from JOANIE PALLATTO & SPARROW, BECK, MOGWAI, VIOLENT FEMMES, TANGERINE DREAM, and SAN FERMIN and there not a 'turkey' in the house for this pre-Thanksgiving week program.

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Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #240) - November 3, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
November 02, 2017 06:29 AM PDT
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The cold winds of November have arrived and what better way to keep warm than by listening to the latest TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (#240). There's plenty of great music in store today including NEW songs from PRIMUS'S 'The Desaturating Seven,' DEERHOOF'S 'Mountain Moves', and 'PERE UBU'S '20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo' all aired during the first set. You'll also hear from the latest ROBERT PLANT, MOGWAI, and VIOLENT FEMMES releases as the show progresses.

From the 'vault' there's RAY MANZAREK, THE DEVIANTS, STACKRIDGE, JOHN COLTRANE, and SLAPP HAPPY. Additionally, there's 'world' music from MICKEY HART and MANU DIBANGO, the finest in 'Prog' from SIGUR ROS and SPIRITS BURNING, rock mainstay's LOU REED and ALICE COOPER, and a salute to the late PHIL MILLER (Canterbury guitarist – Matching Mole, Hatfield and the North) and GEORGE YOUNG (Flash and the Pan, The Easy Beats).

Grab some coffee or cocoa and cozy up to this program.

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Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #236) - October 6, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
October 05, 2017 05:35 AM PDT
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Today's edition of TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (Episode #236) begins with a NEW song from BRUCE COCKBURN'S latest, 'Bone On Bone,' and finishes with a NEW piece by HALF CLEVELAND called 'The Fence.' There's plenty of variety in between to keep your ears happy for another three full hours.

For example, there's acoustic based melodies from YUSEF (CAT STEVENS), DAEVID ALLEN, AUDIENCE, and JOHN PHILLIPS in the first set and several songs about fashion and wardrobes in the third including WEEN'S 'Hey There Fancypants,' ROGER RUSKIN SPEAR'S 'Trouble with My Trousers,' and GENESIS playing '(I Know What I Like) In Your Wardrobe.'

Add in some world music from ANANDA SHANKAR and SUSAN BACA, Prog from BRAND X and SOFT MACHINE, jazz from BUDDY RICH and STANLEY CLARKE, and 'vault' obscurities from Sweden's SOLAR PLEXUS and UNCLE WIGGLY and it's another program of satisfying selections.

To purchase and download a copy of the latest song from HALF CLEVELAND:

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Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #231) - September 1, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
August 31, 2017 05:20 AM PDT
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It's time to tinker away and make another TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES come to life. On this program (Episode #231) you'll hear surf guitar featured in the first set with music from DON GERE, THE MAGNETIC FIELDS, THE CRAMPS, 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS, and Akron's premiere “surfers,” BEYONDERS. Yeah Baby Yeah! I'll even throw in THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION singing “It Can't Happen here” for good measure. Get out your bongos and play along if you like.

Later on RALPH CARNEY & DAVID THOMAS play their duet “Sunset in the Antipodes”(out of the “vault” from the "Bowling Balls from Hell" LP), I'll salute JOHN ABERCROMBIE'S life, play a cut from the NEW BEATLE'S SGT. PEPPERS box set, and add in music from GEORGE CRUMB, BONZO DOG BAND, STEVE HACKETT, TODD RUNDGREN (from A Wizard, A True Star), and early PINK FLOYD.

There's also JERRY GARCIA “covering” Irving Berlin's “Russian Lullaby” and CHRISTOPHER WALKEN interpreting “I Wan'na Be Like You” from Disney's “Jungle Book” soundtrack. You'll hear more NEW songs from IF THESE TREES COULD TALK, RANDY NEWMAN, RADIOHEAD STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES, FAUST, and XIU XIU. Got headphones?

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Transmusic Airwaves (Episode #228) - August 11, 2017 - with Paul Ciminero (host)
August 10, 2017 05:05 AM PDT
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Got a hankering for the latest from THE FEELIES, or something by THE PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE, or maybe an acoustic interpretation of HARRY PARTCH'S music? Yeah I've got all of those lined up for you in the first set on this week's TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (Episode #228).

How about LOL COXHILL'S “cover” of "I Am the Walrus,” and CHROME'S version of King Crimson's “Moon Child,” perhaps a sailor's song sung slowly (say that fast five times) by JOSEPH ARTHUR, or FRANK ZAPPA'S jazz masterpiece “Waka Jawaka?” Yup, that's part of today's line up too!

Plus music from Naytronix, John Hartford, Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy, Negativland, The Dead Weather. Pearls Before Swine, Brian Prothroe, and NEW music from Jeff Tweedy, Vieux Farka Toure, The Magnetic Fields, Les Amazones D'Afrique, and Yo Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble.

It's another week where variety meets obscurity and a whole lot of other interesting things.

For other great podcasts from The San Francisco Community Podcast Network:

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